Still waiting for pothole repairs

One of the potholes in Broom Covert Lane. EMN-180506-103025001
One of the potholes in Broom Covert Lane. EMN-180506-103025001

Residents living in Dog Kennel Wood are still waiting for pothole repairs to Broom Covert Lane - despite Lincolnshire County Council’s promise to sort it out four months ago.

Following months of talks with Lincolnshire County Council, residents were relieved in January after the news that work would be done to improve the lane, which is full of potholes.

Four months down the line residents claim ‘nothing has been done’.

Chrissie Chapman travels down Broom Covert Lane twice a day for work.

She said: “Nothing has been done.

“I got my car stuck as I was trying to avoid a pothole and my car was ‘pulled’ into another.

“It is not safe - it has got massively worse.

“God forbid if there was a fire or an incident requiring urgent medical attention.”

Lincolnshire County Council, in partnership with the British Driving Society, the British Horse Society and other organisations established a 69-mile trail across the Lincolnshire Wolds suitable for carriage drivers, horse riders, cyclists and walkers.

The Lindsey Trail runs from the Market Rasen area to Horncastle, and leads through Dog Kennel Wood and Broom Covert Lane.

In December 2017, the Rasen Mail spoke to a young horse rider who sustained injuries after her pony tripped in two potholes in Dog Kennel Wood.

At the time, the woman, who did not want to be named, said: “I could have been paralysed or even killed.”

Speaking about the state of the road, resident Steve Cooper-Jones said: “This state of affairs is wholly unacceptable.

“It is extremely important that the lane is resurfaced asap, before someone gets hurt, or worse.

“To be honest, we had begun to dream of a safe smooth lane, but it would seem that Broom Covert Lane is just a ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ to quote Green Day.”

Another resident, Sheila Brookes added: “The lane has got a good deal worse.

“The council will not send a refuse wagon up here, we have to put it all in bags and they send a small truck to collect.”

Chris Miller, countryside services at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Works to improve the route are scheduled for later in the summer, temporary works could not be undertaken due to weather conditions earlier in the year.

“Temporary works so close to a more permanent solution would not be cost effective.

“We appreciate this route is promoted by Lincolnshire County Council, however, significant and expensive works have to be prioritised amongst all other forms of work and repairs across the county.”