Startling scenes at Tesco as car makes dramatic exit

The scene of the crash last Sunday at Tesco in Market Rasen.
The scene of the crash last Sunday at Tesco in Market Rasen.

Pedestrians and motorists had a lucky escape after a car crashed through the fence at Market Rasen Tesco car park on Sunday and ended up on the other side of the road.

Around 3.30pm, a silver Toyota Rav4, parked on the Linwood Road edge of the store’s car park, smashed through the fence, travelled down the grass bank and across the road before coming to a halt in the hedge of a driveway opposite.

“I just heard a sound like wood breaking, which of course it was,” said one nearby resident.

“I came out to see what had happened and couldn’t believe my eyes.

“This is a busy road, especially with bikers on a Sunday, I am just glad it wasn’t worse.”

The car narrowly missed a van that had just pulled up at the side of the road and avoided coming into contact with any other road users.

Nobody was injured in the incident.

The driver was not in the Rav4 at the time of the incident, but one passenger was in the vehicle.

It is at this time unclear as to exactly what happened, but police have this advice for all drivers.

“When leaving your car we would expect the driver to turn off the ignition and take their keys with them,” said a police spokesman.

“Fortunately, nobody was hurt in this incident, but it could have had a very different outcome.”