Sisters who saved mum’s life honoured

Jazz Davis and sister Katya with mum Vicky and members of EMAS EMN-181007-070654001
Jazz Davis and sister Katya with mum Vicky and members of EMAS EMN-181007-070654001

‘I’m so extremely proud of my girls. They are so brave’ says choking victim

The bravery of a Caistor schoolgirl has been recognised after she put her first aid knowledge into action - to save her mum’s life.

Jazz Davis (15) and her sister Katya (17) have been presented with a Laverick award by East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) for their actions earlier this year.

The sisters were at home with their mum Vicky when she started choking on a piece of pork and was unable to dislodge the object.

Jazz, who had previously completed her first aid training at Caistor Grammar School, knew exactly what to do.

She said: “We had been taught what to do at school, so I started back slaps and the Heimlich manoeuvre whilst shouting Katya to call 999.”

Emergency medical call handler Cary Ward answered the 999 call, providing Jazz and Katya with further instructions.

However, Vicky then became completely unresponsive, so the sisters performed Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on their mother to save her life.

Technician Michael Scrag was first on the scene.

Vicky was breathing, but still unconscious.

After receiving some oxygen, Vicky started to come round and was then taken to hospital by an ambulance crew.

It was paramedic David Felton who nominated Jazz and Katya for the award.

He said: “Many people complete first aid training, but to put it into practice is a different story, especially at the age of 15 and to your mum.

“Jazz and Katya should be proud of themselves, they saved their mother’s life.“

And nobody was more grateful for the girls’ actions than Vicky.

She said: “I am so extremely proud of my girls and how brave they were. Their actions saved my life.

“It was a privilege to watch them receive their award.

“I am thankful to the ambulance service for getting there so quickly.”

The award presentation took place at Caistor Grammar School, where Jazz learned her life-saving skills.

Marcus Croft, Assistant Head at Caistor Grammar School said: “We have taught our Year 10 pupils first aid for a long time, seeing that Jazz put her skills to use and saved her mum’s life 
makes it worthwhile.”

The Laverick award is designed to recognise children and young adults of courage who have gone above and beyond to help another.

The award is in memory of Nick Laverick, a paramedic and team leader.

Mr Laverick tragically lost his battle with cancer on his 37th birthday in September 2013.