Sewage works could hold key to mobile boost

The proposed site at Tealby Sewage Treatment Works.
The proposed site at Tealby Sewage Treatment Works.
  • But some residents are kicking up a stink...

Mobile phone coverage in Tealby could be boosted if West Lindsey District Council agrees to the installation of a 25m wireless communications tower a sewage treatment plant!

Documents on the WLDC website reveal an application has been put forward by Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG) - an independent provider of wireless infrastructure.

If approved, the application will see a communications tower, ground-based apparatus and ancillary equipment installed at Tealby Sewage Treatment Works, off Rasen Road.

The site for development is within land controlled by Anglian Water to the south-west of the village of Tealby.

This is the second time an application for such a tower has been submitted at the location.

A previous application was submitted in July 2017 but was withdrawn in October 2017.

In supporting documentation, the applicant states: “The new tower will enable transformational improvements in mobile connectivity to the local area.

“The investment is being made by WIG and the tower will initially provide signal from the mobile network operator O2.”

The applicant also stresses that Vodafone customers will benefit from an improved signal, once the tower is built or shortly after.

A report in the document indicates mobile coverage in the area is very poor and that a wireless communications tower could boost ‘mobile connectivity’.

The applicanton adds: “Existing mobile data coverage for O2 is very poor within the area and especially in and around the village of Tealby.

“Mobile broadband connectivity such as 4G is insufficient to support the local community and the surrounding areas.

“This development is necessary to provide a high quality and reliable 4G (mobile broadband) networks to the area.”

The applicant is proposing to install a 25m light-weight open lattice tower supporting three antennas and two transmission dishes, as well as two equipment cabinets and one electrical feeder pillar, all to be located within a fenced compound.

Documents also reveal that WIG investigated a possible 11 sites to install the equipment, but all were discounted as not being viable to pursue further.

Two residents in Tealby have submitted objections to the application.

One resident said: “We wish to register our objection on the following grounds: eyesore, cancer risk and depreciation of property value.”

Another said: “As residents of a property very close to the development, we wish to express our strong objections to the proposal.

“This is the second such proposal in the last year and our objection remains unchanged.

“The 25m tower will be clearly visible and will tower over our property and land in tealby. This will undoubtedly diminish the value of our property.”