Scaffolding tour to see progress of work on Caistor church

Caistor Church
Caistor Church

Visitors to Caistor cannot fail to have noticed the 
tower of the Parish Church 
is shrouded by scaffolding.

There is also extensive scaffolding inside the building.

It is all part of the ‘Preserving - Sharing -Understanding’ project, funded in part by a £249,000 Heritage Lottery Grant, together with grants from other sources.

There have also been generous donations from 
the people of Caistor.

Now, the contractors, Stone Edge, are offering the opportunity to climb the scaffolding on the morning of Saturday June 9.

Places are limited and must be booked with the vicar, the Rev Ian Robinson, on 01472 851339 or by email

A donation of £5 is invited for church building funds.

Hard hats and high visibility jackets will be supplied, but sensible shoes or boots must be worn.

As previously reported, the project is carrying out essential conservation work to the main roof of the church, improve the drainage from the building and putting 
in a new heating system.

The story of the church’s infamous ‘Gad Whip’ is also being researched, with the whip itself undergoing conservation work at the University of Lincoln.

It is hoped the project will be completed by the end of this year.