Santa will be back in Rasen on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve visit from Father Christmas to Market Rasen EMN-190312-084824001
Christmas Eve visit from Father Christmas to Market Rasen EMN-190312-084824001

Father Christmas will again be in Market Rasen market place on Christmas Eve.

The town’s market place is also bedecked with a Christmas tree.

Here is the annual message from the Children’s Christmas Tree Fund , which makes it all happen.

Dear Editor

“I am delighted once again to let the residents of Market Rasen know the Christmas Tree has arrived and also to remind the children to bring their parents along to visit Santa by the tree in the Market Place at 4pm on Christmas Eve.

In 1951 a group of local ‘professionals’ joined resources to provide the town with its first ever Christmas Tree.

The ‘Market Rasen Children’s Christmas Tree Fund’, followed on to ensure that this tradition continued every year thereafter.

The fund has sourced trees from the Forestry Commission and other commercial growers over the years with the support of committee members who raise funds through donations and raffles etc, as well as erecting the tree and helping Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

This annual spectacle would clearly not have been able to continue over the years without financial support.

The local businesses and people of Market Rasen have always responded positively to the fund raising and must be congratulated for their contribution to the success of this exciting event.

We therefore appeal to your readers to look out for the raffle tickets in and around the town and to invest in the opportunity to win a cash prize or Christmas treat.”

Yours cheerfully

the Rev Cropper

Hon Secretary of Market Rasen Children’s Christmas Tree Fund