Royal Mail Finds The Uk’s Most Festive Street Names

Seasonal street names EMN-141222-132518001
Seasonal street names EMN-141222-132518001

The UK has around 3,400 Christmas themed street names Royal Mail has revealed, based on analysis of every street name in the UK

But the Midlands has more festive street names than any other region in the UK, according to information from Royal Mail’s address database.

The region has around 560 Christmas-themed street names and enjoys festive street names such as Reindeer Road, Noel Street, Bell Close and the ubiquitous Holly Street.

Holly Street came up trumps nationally with around 990 listings, including more than 200 in the Midlands

The address database also revealed some unusual festive street names such as Christmas Pie Avenue, Myrrh Street, Jingles Lane, Bethlehem Way, Garland Place and Sleigh Drive.

The database also reveals our love for Santa’s Reindeer, with seven of the nine reindeer represented on a street name.

The top ten Christmas themed Street names are:

1 Holly Street

2 Bell Lane

3 Mary Street

4 Angel Lane

5 Star Road

6 Bow Street

7 Festival Place

8 Noel Road

9 Gold Street

10 Garland Street

These include variations such as street/lane/close/avenue etc

“We decided to find out how well Christmas themes were represented on street names,” said Steve Rooney, Head of Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit.

“The team came up with a number of words closely linked to Christmas, drew up a shortlist and began to investigate. We found the Christmas theme was very well represented and we had a lot of fun doing it.”