Rotarians get inside story on forensics

Dr Roger Summers spoke on forensics
Dr Roger Summers spoke on forensics

A forensic look at life was on offer at the recent meeting of Market Rasen Rotary Club.

Guest speaker was Past District Governor Dr Roger Summers, of the Rotary Club of Amber Valley.

For the past 45 years, Roger has worked in forensic science and he gave a fascinating insight into his professional life, with more than a touch of humour.

Humour is perhaps necessary to carry out work identifying victims of airplane crashes and mass killings or genocides.

He spoke about the unique parts of the body that assisted his work – like ears, lip prints, backs of hands, footprints, fingerprints and the biometrics of eyes and teeth.

He also spoke about developments, such as a spot of blood being able to tell sex, eye colour and hair.

Rotarians were amazed to hear a forensic pathologist could tell whether a person had been left or right-handed, from observing the striations on the deceased person’s teeth.

With DNA interpretation was now a major tool in identification, Roger rues the day the Post Office introduced self-stick stamps, as previously individuals could be identified from the saliva residues on stamps stuck to envelopes.

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