Restrictions are welcomed - but more police officers needed

Ward member for Market Rasen, Councillor Lewis Strange.
Ward member for Market Rasen, Councillor Lewis Strange.

News about road restrictions being passed in the Rasen area has been welcomed - but there are calls for police to prosecute more drivers.

Ward member for Market Rasen, Councillor Lewis Strange, spoke at this month’s meeting of Market Rasen Town Council.

Councillor Strange, said: “Ongoing road speed restrictions - Linwood Road (30mph) have been agreed and passed by the planning committee, and I am busy trying to encourage the county council to get all the signs up.

“Also a 50mph limit on the A46 has been passed by the planning committee from north of the Holton le Moor level crossing all the way to Fir Park, and then from Fir Park into Market Rasen where it meets the 40mph zone.

“There have been 37 killed and seriously injured events over the last five years on that stretch of road, with seven of those fatalities.

“I felt we have to do 
something to lower the speed limits.

“We seem to have a small minority of idiots driving far too fast.

“Nine out of ten people drive sensibly, but what we have to do is try and get police to start prosecuting.

“The police commissioner is working practically night and day to get the Home Office to release more funds to our police force, which is chronically underfunded and understaffed.

“If we can get the funding for another 200 officers it would make all the difference to the county.

“The problem is, there are just over 1,000 officers to cover the second biggest county in England. It’s a very difficult job.”

Coun Thomas Smith pointed out to Cllr Strange however: “The traffic squad for the police is now not a 
Lincolnshire initiative - it is now an East Midlands initiative. Do you think that is part of the issue with an increase in fatal and serious road traffic collisions?”

Coun Strange replied: “It hadn’t occurred to me, but it is a good point. Do you mean we don’t see as many police cars as we used to?”

Coun Smith replied: “Yes, so people know there isn’t the enforcement or there won’t be police sat in an unmarked car - so people become confident in their ability to drive how they choose.”

Deputy Mayor Coun Stephen Bunney added: “I would say that particular stretch of road is bad and it is also extremely straight. One of the problems is too many vehicles do speed on that road.

“If there is time, or if someone is able to put some sort of pinch point in - I know it is expensive and it won’t happen overnight - but it will slow people down.”