Residents flock online to fight Glentham poultry unit

A poultry unit at nearby Usselby. EMN-170828-113145001
A poultry unit at nearby Usselby. EMN-170828-113145001

A controversial application for a huge poultry unit in Glentham has received a huge public backlash with around 150 online comments from concerned residents.

The application could see a bird ‘broiler’ unit of ten buildings to house and produce 400,000 chickens every 52 days - which locals predict will see between 2.5 and 3 million chickens reared at the site each year.

Last month saw over 100 residents turn out to a Glentham Parish council meeting - all of whom were unequivocally against the application.

And with the deadline for public comment on West Lindsey District Council’s website pushed back several times, the application clocked up around 150 critical comments from Glentham’s locals.

A community action group, spearheaded by local couple Colin Cotter and Fiona Pringle, was formed following the meeting in July.

The group is working on compiling this information -along with examples legitimate planning objections which must be taken into account by planning committees - into a website.

It is hoped by the group that the website will act as a tool to keep the local community informed about the proposed poultry unit, as well as serve to assist other communities in their objections to other similar developments.

Mr Cotter said: “There have been a great deal of objection letters sent in - so for such a small village, we’ve managed to get a very good lot of support.

“It’s an important fight as there are already similar units exisiting or planned in the local area, including one at Usselby.

“The fight is still ongoing, but we have launched a free information website which will soon comprise full information documents relating to other planning applications in the UK.

“We believe such information may contain insights to help other people with planning objections and try to stop any more factory farms being built in UK communities.”

You can view the application at: