Resident’s fury over rugby pitch

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A Market Rasen woman lashed out at town councillors after complaining about playing field rugby posts being moved close to her home.

Anna Gray of Legsby Road said after living there for ten years, suddenly without warning, a revamp of the fields meant “the screaming and shouting” from the matches was (now) too excessive,” she told last week’s council meeting.

The woman said she lived by De Aston School and the posts were at the back of her garden.

“To go home and see these monstrous posts at the bottom of my garden is quite a shock. The rugby posts are very close to the perimeter of my property,” she said.

“They have changed the pitches so they have two pitches facing residents’ property.”

Previously, the pitches were further away from houses, so noise was less of an issue then. The woman said she had contacted De Aston school and found one schoolteacher “quite bolshie.”

Coun Steve Bunney, the school’s Head of Boarding, then told the meeting the area being talked about was a small field off Legsby Road.

“What has happened is the expansion of rugby for the school and rugby club who rightfully use the fields to train on. The pitches that were there have been swung around so there’s more opportunity to play,” he said.

Coun Bunney said De Aston did not want to cause aggravation to residents but it needs to use the fields for education.

Mrs Gray said she had not been consulted about the changes and the potential noise implications.

“It’s the way it’s been done. Nobody is concerned about the residents,” she said.

Other residents, she said, are also upset but feel there’s nothing they can do.

“If that’s the way the school operates, the council operates, that’s a very big shame,” she continued.

Coun John McNeill then asked what she wanted the town council to do.

“I would like to know when I can expect the noise to be there so I can go out, so I don’t have to listen to screaming and shouting. The goalposts that have been moved should be put back where they are,” Anna said.

Town Mayor John Matthews said he would get Coun Bunney to supply a match calendar.

But sounding quite emotional, Anna said she was ‘done with’ the meeting.

“This is an injustice to the residents. I’d rather not know and carry on with my life. By golly I wish I was one of your own. I would do something.”

After the meeting, Coun Bunney said the field has staged matches since the 1970s but they are never after dark.

Another Legsby Road resident who lived by the field said noise was “not really a problem.”