Rasen superquizzer connecting with TV shows once more

Lawrence Cook
Lawrence Cook

Market Rasen superquizzer Lawrence Cook has been taking on the might of TV quizzing once more.

Having already sat in the black chair of Mastermind - more than once - this time Lawrence was joined by fellow ‘products of Welsh mothers’ Ian Whelam and Niall Williams.

Together they formed the Dragons to take on Only Connect, where connections need to be made between apparently unconnected things.

Often described as the hardest quiz on television, the Dragons certainly found it tough for their first round appearance last month, losing to the Westenders team.

However, they had a second chance to progress in the competition, which was aired this week.

When host Victoria Coren Mitchell asked what they had learnt from their previous round, Lawrence replied: “We need to be cleverer and quicker too.”

That is what they did when they faced fellow first-round losers Three Peaks.

What proved to be their downfall last time round, the connecting wall, which viewers of the show will know is notoriously difficult, this time round proved easy pickings, as they completed it in half the allocated time.

An impressive quick-fire closing round saw them romp home to a 21-16 win and they will return later in the competition.

Early this year, Lawrence was also part of a successful team on The Chase, beating the Governess to come away with a share of £18,000.