Rasen residents: ‘Only a matter of time before a fatal accident’

Kilnwell Road EMN-181019-153402001
Kilnwell Road EMN-181019-153402001

Concerns are growing about pedestrian safety on two stretches of road in Market Rasen - and residents fear it is only a matter of time before there is a fatal accident.

Market Rasen’s deputy mayor Stephen Bunney says many residents have expressed ‘deep concerns’ over dangers caused by a large number of parked cars in Mill Road, and vehicles being forced to mount the footpath to pass each other in the narrow Kilnwell Road.

Mill Road EMN-181019-153438001

Mill Road EMN-181019-153438001

Coun Bunney says cars are frequently parked along the side of Mill Road from opposite the junction with Gordon Field right up to Coronation Road, with a break only on the white line restricted area outside Market Rasen Primary School.

He says the situation is at its highest during the morning and afternoon school opening/closing times but does happen at other times of the day as well.

Coun Bunney said: “These parked vehicles create a danger to both pedestrians and road users in the area.

“The parked vehicles narrow the road to such an 
extent that there is insufficient room for two vehicles to pass by each other and use the road safely.

“The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the section of road contains two significant bends which reduce visibility and also by the fact that some drivers approach the area at too fast a speed.

“There is a clear risk of an accident between vehicles that could easily spill on to the heavily used pavements.

“The degree of risk to pedestrians is increased by the fact that the pavements are narrow and not wide enough to take the volume of foot 
traffic at school times.”

Coun Bunney said many residents have tales of near misses on Mill Road and
express their fears there will be a fatal accident.

MRTC has requested a meeting with officers of 
Lincolnshire County Council highways officers to discuss speed and parking 
restrictions and improved 
signage in Mill Road.

And councillors want to speak to the highways officers about the possibility of improving the road crossing facilities in Kilnwell Road between The Old Police Station and Co-op car park, a 20mph speed restriction along the road and improved warning signage.

Coun Bunney said Kilnwell road was “another potential accident hot spot”.

He said this road was also narrow and contains at least three steep bends and, in places, limited pavement provision.

The stretch of road between Town and Country Kiddies Pre School, past the Children’s Centre and The Old Police Station, to the Mill Street Junction is of particular concern, says Coun Bunney.

He said: “Residents frequently speak of vehicles having to brake hard as they approach each other; many expressing their belief that it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.

“This section of road is used heavily by pedestrians

“The proposed new sports centre, much needed by the town, will clearly add to the numbers using this route.

“The narrowness of this road is one of the major risks as vehicles often have to mount the pavement to pass by each other.

“The restricted view, caused by the steep bends, plus the speed that the 
vehicles approach this stretch of road add to the problem.”

The Rasen Mail 
approached Lincolnshire County Council for a comment regarding the parking
problems in the town.