Rasen park under fire!

Market Rasen's Mill Road play area EMN-190114-150235001
Market Rasen's Mill Road play area EMN-190114-150235001

Call for parents to pay for vandalism damage to equipment in park

A furious resident says youths have damaged park bins and a children’s roundabout by setting fire to them – and the town council has vowed to claw back ‘financial compensation’ from those responsible.

The resident told a Market Rasen Town Council meeting on Wednesday (January 9) that several bins at Mill Road play area had been damaged and part of the roundabout had melted after the fires over the Christmas holiday period.

The woman, who lives next to the play area, told the meeting: “The park bins have been set on fire next to the primary school.

“The fire put on the roundabout has melted part of it.

“The bin has been damaged as well.

“The schools know who did it, as we do as well.

“Why aren’t the children made to do something or parents pay for it?

“They damaged it for other children.

“Money has to come out to pay for repairs. I do believe the child or the parent should be responsible.

“If it was my child she would be working it off, believe you me.”

The resident claimed she knew of two parents whose children had admitted to lighting fires.

Town clerk Faye Lambkin-Smith said after the meeting: “A member of the public raised concerns about wilful damage to community property within one of the town’s recreation areas.

“The Mayor confirmed that the town council will liaise with police and pursue individuals (and their families) who have been identified as causing wilful damage to council property, for financial compensation.”

She added: “Our maintenance contractor is going to have a look at the damage.”

The resident told the meeting police had been informed about the incident.

But a Lincolnshire Police spokesman told the Mail they had been unable to locate a report of the incident and said that the local inspector was also unaware of it.

The police spokesman said a local officer would make contact with Market Rasen Town Council to get more details.

The resident also asked the council about the town’s CCTV system, saying this latest incident was ‘another reason’ to get a camera at Mill Road park.

Mayor John Matthews said: “The CCTV on the main road is a new system, put in about two years ago.

“It goes back to a monitoring centre in Gainsborough, recording 24/7. They’re all in and working.

“When the police come along [to council meetings] and make their report, they have said the CCTV has helped them.

“We’re frustrated that the [CCTV] installation in Mill Road hasn’t happened yet.”

Back in July, Coun Matthews hit out at vandals who targeted both Mill Road and Bell playing fields.

He told the Mail equipment was subject to graffiti and a rocking horse head was ‘ripped off’.

And he said youths also attempted to unbolt fence sections to a hard surface play area.