Rasen eyesore could be transformed

wasteland near the Tesco Market Rasen store EMN-191111-084857001
wasteland near the Tesco Market Rasen store EMN-191111-084857001

An eyesore near Tesco in 
Market Rasen is one of the spaces town councillors are considering as a possible site for a community garden.

Last Wednesday, councillors discussed providing more green space in the town.

Councillors spoke about introducing a ‘pocket park’ - a small plot of land which can provide a green oasis to help improve the physical and mental health of residents.

The scheme provides grants to community-led bodies working in partnership with their local 
authority, with the aim of creating new pocket parks or bringing existing green spaces up to a safe, usable standard and ensuring long-term support for those initiatives.

Pocket parks – locally identified, smaller areas of green space ultra-local to where people live and work – can provide those wellbeing opportunities, as well as helping to
 improve community integration, community pride and social action, especially where communities are involved in the upkeep and development decisions of the park.

According to Coun Stephen Bunney, Market Rasen Town Council could apply for up to £15,000 from the 
Government to deliver a 
pocket park, or £25,000 to 
extend an existing park.

Coun Bunney said: “We’ve had some initial talks with West Lindsey District 
Council as it has to be 50/50.

“We could do one of two things - extend the Mill Road Playing Field, but I am not sure that the size of the park fits in with the Government criteria.

“The other option is the money could be used for a new park/green space area.”

At the meeting, Coun 
Bunney mentioned one 
‘eyesore’ area in particular which could be developed - a plot of land next to the Tesco garage on the main road
 junction with Chapel Street.

Coun Bunney said: “Tesco local management, residents, and ourselves are all keen that could become a reasonable space to move forward and make it into a community garden.

“That would fall into the criteria of size at any rate, for the government.

“We’ve got until the end of the year to register.

“One of those two ideas, I think, will become part of what Market Rasen needs to do.

“We will need to bring this back to a meeting at some stage.

“Whilst the council doesn’t have to be the main party 
involved, it has got to be the people representing the town, and the body representing the town.

“What we will need to do - and I think we need to get on with this - is not just 
explore the finance but also set up a plan/group to run that 
particular project.”