Pupils’ Safety at Risk

Melissa King EMN-150707-082200001
Melissa King EMN-150707-082200001

Worried parents have warned ‘there will be an accident’ if nothing is done to tackle dangerous parking outside Market Rasen Primary School.

Parents say children are forced to walk in between parked cars which line up across the road from the school where there are no restrictions.

Mum-of-two Melissa King said: “With children running up and down it’s very dangerous having a lot of cars here.

“I do worry about it. There will be an accident if something isn’t done. Yellow lines could surely be put down both sides. I just hope a child doesn’t have to get seriously injured before people realise it’s a problem.”

Ms King, who parks away from the school, said a recent police patrol had stopped other parents from parking opposite the school.

She said: “It shows they must realise what they’re doing is dangerous - and there’s no reason to park here.”

Lincolnshire Police can only legally enforce parking on the same side of the road as the school, where there are zig-zag yellow lines.

Karen Cook has three children at Market Rasen Primary school. She said: “I think people park down here because they want to see them (their children) get into school, but it’s not the best place.”

On the Rasen Mail Facebook page Joanne Dale said people who park dangerously should be named and shamed.

Kerry-ann Horsfall said: “Not only is it dangerous it’s lazy. If you need to drive to collect, park in a car park and walk round to school.”

Valerie Jones said: “The school has designated the Co-op car park as its ‘park and stride’. What I just don’t understand is why there is no ‘lollypop lady’ or pedestrian crossing to get across that busy road with a four-way stop. Surely the council should do something to make crossing the road safer for our children.”

Head of school at Market Rasen Primary School Nichola Allerston said: “The safety of our children is of paramount concern to us. We do lots to promote our park and stride scheme and to encourage less parking around the school.”

A Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman said: “We haven’t had anything reported to us, however if parents or the head teacher of the school would like to get in touch then we will see what we can do.”

Lincolnshire County Council area highways manager Steve Wiles said: “Space for parking outside the school is limited and at certain times the access is very busy. Therefore, LCC has provided the relevant warning signs and road markings, and we cannot recommend any further measures to manage traffic or restrict parking in the area.

“We would urge those people who are parking inconsiderately to consider that they may be at risk of causing an accident involving school children.

“To improve safety for pedestrians and other road users we ask that they park a bit further away and walk just a couple of minutes, reducing unnecessary congestion around the school.”