Protests spark Kelsey firm’s security increase


Protesters swarmed a county council planning meeting on Monday (July 1) to counter a local oil drilling company’s application for more security.

Lincolnshire County Council gave the green light for a series of changes to Edgon Resources’ planned exploratory drilling site near North Kelsey.

They include higher fencing, lighting and up to 12 security and welfare cabins on an adjacent field.

Edgon Resources said it was making the changes on the advice of Lincolnshire Police following recent demonstrations at their Biscathorpe site.

The Biscathorpe demonstrations in January saw a 74-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman arrested and charged with obstructing a highway, and obstructing a constable respectively.

Paul Foster, speaking on behalf of Edgon, told councillors: “In recent years onshore oil and gas exploration in the UK has attracted considerable interest from a small number of active protesters.

“Edgon has a duty of care to ensure it’s employees, contractors, deliveries, visitors and indeed protestors are protected from risk of injury.”