Popular deputy head retires from Caistor Grammar School

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A two-decade partnership ended at Caistor Grammar School when deputy head Ed Cook retired at the end of the term.

Mr Cook has been deputy head of the School for more than 20 years, having joined on the same day Roger Hale started as headteacher in January, 1996.

For most of that time, Mr Cook has been the only Deputy Head in the school.

He was in charge of day-to-day events, and a constant reference point for members of staff offering them support, encouragement and good advice.

Paying tribute to his colleague, Mr Hale said: “His office is situated directly across from the staff room, right at the centre of our school, and it is indeed appropriate – since he has been very closely involved in most aspects of school life.”

Mr Hale went on to highlight four areas in which Mr Cook’s support has been invaluable.

He said: “The smooth day-to-day running of the school, especially during exam periods, requires an enormous amount of communication and planning as well as patience – the reason that things seem to go well so much of the time at CGS is in no small part down to him, as is the considerable development of our School site over the last 20 years.

“This has brought many new buildings and re-modelled improvements and has involved him in co-ordinating bids and carrying out the supervision of building works.

“He has been unstinting in support of colleagues, in good times and bad and, of course, there has been his excellent teaching in the Geography department.

“In short, he has played an immense part in the development and success of CGS.

“We wish Ed a long and fulfilling retirement.”

Born in Warwick, Mr Cook obtained a degree in Geography from Queens’ College at Cambridge University.

He came to Caistor from Dereham in Norfolk.

His two sons, Rob and James, were educated at Caistor, while Gill, his wife, also teaches in the school.

Mr Cook, who lives in Osgodby, said: “It has been a wonderful school to work in.

“I have shared many happy times with talented staff and some smashing students.

“So much happens here and one particular memory will be of the time we became a sports college.”