Pledge to tackle parking problems at Rasen school

Market Rasen Primary School EMN-190913-152537001
Market Rasen Primary School EMN-190913-152537001

Market Rasen Town Council has vowed to tackle a parking ‘problem’ at the town’s primary school.

Speaking at the council’s September meeting, Coun Steve Bunney said there had been ‘further problems’ with school traffic in the town.

He said: “People are parking opposite the school [Market Rasen Primary] on the bend - there’s no yellow lines.

“People are using it as a car park for the school because the school have had to shut their gates.

“PCSOs now have the authority to put tickets on cars.

“I will speak to [PCSO] Neil Harrison.

“If PCSOs see people inappropriately parked they can now put an envelope on the vehicle.

“We now have to encourage the PCSOs to do that.

“That’s something which is quite important.

“It’s quite an issue.

“It’s one of many areas in the town we’re wishing to address.”

Coun Bunney said the primary school had for many years left a gate open so parents could use a car park on the school grounds.

He said the school had taken the decision to close the gate for ‘security’ and ‘safeguarding’ reasons.

Earlier this year, residents and councillors called for improved road safety and traffic calming measures outside Market Rasen De Aston School, saying traffic was an ‘absolute nightmare’.

Mayor John Matthews described the situation as ‘dangerous’ and ‘horrendous’ and he said the current set-up offered ‘no protection for the kids’.

Talks have been held with Lincolnshire County Council about extending the 30mph speed limit on Willingham Road.

But so far the highways department has not taken any action.

Coun Bunney told the September meeting: “Highways have not yet resolved it.”