Plea to drivers as road deaths rise

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  • Plea to Lincolnshire drivers as road deaths rise

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership has issued a plea to drivers after a drastic rise in deaths on the county’s roads.

Since the start of the year Lincolnshire’s roads have already claimed 13 lives compared to three at this time last year.

And there are 12 investigations under way for those who have suffered serious injuries.

LRSP spokesman John Siddle said: “Whilst we cannot make comment on those incidents that are under investigation, it is becoming clear that we are suffering a similar amount of incidents and casualties that came about at the turn of the century when 104 people died on our roads in 1999 (also 2003).

“The causation factors then were travelling too fast for the conditions as well as speed, travelling too close to the vehicle in front and not allowing enough time for the journey. Some were distracted by a number of in-car or external factors. The list goes on.

“Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership would like to remind drivers and riders to think about the journey they have to make, check your vehicle to make sure it is fit for the road, your tyres should be correctly inflated and legally within tread depth.

“Give yourself enough time to reach your destination without breaking the speed limit. Do not allow yourself to be distracted.”

Mr Siddle urged drivers to avoid using their phones, including hands free, and to clear any frost and snow before setting off.

He added: “Keep a good distance from the car in front, give yourself time to react. Stop in good time and be a witness if it all goes wrong, rather than a statistic in the crash. Wear your seatbelt and do not drink, or take drugs, and drive.”