Play time for all at Swallow

Swallow Park EMN-160908-155056001
Swallow Park EMN-160908-155056001

A small village is making good use of a well-equipped play park for children and adults thanks to the hard work of a community group.

The need for an updated play area in Swallow was identified in the village’s parish plan.

The existing park facilities were over 20 years old and much of the equipment was rotten.

Work began in 2011 and backed by the relentless support of the Parish Action Plan committee, the park is now complete.

“It is quite and achievement and we are pleased to see the park being well used,” said Gill Sutton, the committee’s grant co-ordinator.

The latest facility to be placed on the site is the adult fitness equipment.

There is a ski stepper, health walker, handle row boat and pull up.

The equipment was funded through a grant from WREN of £14,637.20, together with £1,573.50 from the village’s 49 Club.

The funding also provided a double swing unit, see saw and toddler slide with an extra-wide shute for children to enjoy.

“Some of the equipment is suitable for children with disabilities so it really is somewhere all members of the family can come and enjoy,” said committee member Pamela Gould.

“Parents can get a bit of exercise, while watching the children have fun.”

The main refurbishment of the play area was done in 2011 and 2012.

Funding from Lincolnshire County Council, WREN, Lincolnshire Playing Fields Association and Swallow Parish Council, together with community fundraising through the 49 Club, allowed a range of equipment to be bought.

Picnic benches and fencing were then put in, thanks to funds from the West Lindsey Initiative Fund, Joseph Nickerson Foundation Trust and the Community Action and Volunteering Fund (CAV).

The whole village turned out for the official opening of the refurbished play park in 2012. Since then the PAP committee has been beavering away securing more funding to the get the job complete.

The site is now secure, thanks to removal and replacement of hedging and fencing along the roadside, together with substantial oak gates.

The parish council pays for the grass to be cut and the community group has a tidy up occasionally.

“We feel the work on the park is now completed,” said Gill.

“It is not just for the village residents, but for anyone who wishes to use it, We know there are a lot of visitors, especially grandchildren, who come along. It is there for all ages to enjoy and we hope they continue to do so for a long time.”