Parking charges ‘will kill off Rasen’

Parking charges
Parking charges

Proposals to scrap free parking in Market Rasen have left many residents concerned about the future of the town.

A debate has broken out on the Rasen Mail Facebook page with the majority of people slamming the idea.

Diane Chambers said: “If people have to start paying to park Rasen won’t only be a ghost town it will be dead.”

Joanna Webb said: “Well that will be the final nail in the coffin.”

Simon Paul Harrison added: “R.I.P to Market Rasen if charging applies!

“There isn’t much to draw people to the town!”

And many people have questioned whether Market Rasen is actually being used as a park and ride town - one of the reasons behind the proposal.

But Market Rasen mayor John Matthews hit back at these claims. He wrote: “Parking trends in M.R. have changed over the last 3-5 years and we ARE being used as a park&ride town.” He added: “The T/C is not looking to have residents or shop owners penalised by disproportunate charges, but those who fill our car parks not our shops should pay a fee. The discussion process is six months, and I promise the Council will negotiate to protect those who we see as vulurable. I see this as NO way a nail in the coffin - we are not in a ‘coffin’. There are approximately 65 business along or just off the High Street & Market Place. 60% of those have been in Town over 20 years !!! That must show some of the strength of our community and our local business strength.”

WLDC wants to charge people to park in John Street, Festival Hall and Kilnwell Road car parks. There will be a 12-week consultation, with machines planned for next summer.

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