Parents’ shock over school staff ‘clinch’

De Aston School, in Market Rasen. EMN-180925-102124001
De Aston School, in Market Rasen. EMN-180925-102124001

Parents at De Aston School in Market Rasen have spoken of their shock over allegations that a caretaker and dinner lady were caught in a ‘clinch on the headteacher’s desk’.

Cook Sam Sellars, 46, and handyman David Raw, 45, were said to have been caught in a clinch by a senior staff member, it has been reported in the national press.

Mum Sally Carter said: “It’s disgusting. You’d think they’d set an example or do it behind closed doors.”

Joanne Slawson said: “If they want to get it on then it’s up to them, but it’s a bit of an inappropriate place to do it in a school, where there’s lots of children.”

A mum whose son has just started at De Aston said: “It’s stupid.

“It’s sad for the school and the people who work there, they’ve got to carry on and it puts them in an awkward position.

“It’s unbelievable.

“The school reputation could be jeopardised. They’ve got a really good reputation.

“Everyone does silly things in life but this is a biggie.”

Mum Melanie Iveson said: “It does show a little bit of unprofessionalism. It’s a bit shocking.”

Melanie’s daughter Victoria Iveson, 16, is a pupil at De Aston Sixth Form.

She said: “I didn’t think it was real but I checked with a teacher and she said it happened a few months ago.

“They haven’t been back since the [summer] break.”

“Normally when a big thing happens everyone is called in to an assembly but they didn’t do that.

“They’ve tried to pretend it hasn’t happened.

“The dinner ladies are acting like normal.

“It’s shocking.”

Dad Martin Merrigan said: “It’s shocking. Clearly it’s not right, but thankfully it was a teacher who found them and not a pupil.”

A source at De Aston told The Sun: “They obviously couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were in the head’s office.”

David said Sam was “in distress”. He told The Sun: “Things did get heated but there was no sex involved. It nearly went there but I stopped it.”

He was thrown out by wife Rachel, 40, but says he has since been taken back, it was reported in the national paper.

Mum-of-three Sam, who denied it was the head’s office, told the paper: “It was just a cuddle and a kiss, then I thought ‘stop’. I would definitely not do it again.”

Husband Mark added: “If she does, her bags will be packed by the...door.”

They have left the school but both say it was their decision to go, according to reports in the national press.

One mum, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “They should have used a bit more discretion.

“If you’re married you really shouldn’t be doing stuff like that.”

Janice Boucher, who has a son in Year Nine at De Aston, said: “It’s a bit of a surprise, not an everyday occurrence.

“It’s not something you expect of staff.

“It doesn’t give the kids the right impression of marriages.

“I’m sure they’ll regret it.”

De Aston School had not responded to a request for a comment at the time of going to press yesterday (Tuesday).