Officers in Rasen working to keep community safe


The number of reported crimes committed in the Market Rasen area have almost doubled in one year - according to the latest figures.

Data published on the Police UK website shows that 53 crimes were reported in August 2019 compared to 30 crimes in August last year.

According to the website, the figures for August 2019 were the highest for any month this year.

There were 10 reports of violence and sexual offences committed in August 2018 and 14 in August 2019.

Data also shows that there were 12 reports of anti-social behaviour in August 2019 and only six in August 2018.

According to figures, reports of arson and criminal damage have more than doubled in the last year- with 10 offences in August 2019 and 4 in August 2018 - an increase of 150%.

There has also been a rise in reports of public order offences - with five committed in August 2019 and none in August 2018.

However, police stress the relatively small number of crimes involved inflate the percentage increase.

They also point out not all crimes committed in the Rasen area have increased between August 2018 and August 2019.

For example, figures show the number of bike thefts dropped in that period from one to zero, and that reports of weapon possession has remained the same - with zero offences.

Inspector Jen Waddington, Community Inspector for West Lindsey, said: “The figures show Market Rasen remains a very safe place to live and our officers work hard to ensure we address crime, anti-social behaviour and our communities concerns.

“We are improving the way we record crime, improving our compliance with the National Crime Recording Standards and this has seen an increase in recorded crime more or less across the board.”