Obituary: Shirley Ann Watson


The funeral service for Shirley Ann Watson, aged 62 years of Nettleham, was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

Shirley was a housewife, widow of the late Trevor Watson and mother to Sonia, Ryan and Brad.

Family mourners were: Sonia and Billy Gemmell; Ryan and Jenny Watson; Brad and Jody Watson; Margaret Jones; John, Jane, Stacy and Wayne Pearson; Philip Pearson; Diane, Derrick, Tara and Craig Davis; Donna and Ryan; Linda, Dave and Neil Kotek; Claire Birkbeck; Sarah Smith.

Friends at the service were: Mrs Basford (also rep Mr Basford); Jane Dempster; John and Jane Pearson; Ben and Anne Knight; James Lammin; Mr and Mrs Steele; Mr and Mrs P Ingall; Mr and Mrs Alcock; Mr and Mrs D Ingall; David and Ann Ingall; Tom and Kerry Moreton; Ruth Pobjoy; Alison Davis; John Edwards; Mr and Mrs J R Goodhand (also rep the family); Mrs Summerlin; Sharron Davis; Keith and Karen Lee; Lucy Blackman; Michael Dickson; Kathy and Malcolm Jones; Liza Jones; Angela Greenly; Andrew Greenly; Jessica Riach (nee’ Greenly); Valerie Gray; Jackie Truelove; Mr and Mrs Alan Till; John and Sandra Bush (also rep Mr and Mrs J Russell; Mr and Mrs P Aldershaw); John and Kirsty Spence (also rep Cliff and Sue Spence); Lynne Carter (also rep Peter, Carole and William and also Mr and Mrs J Herring); John Tindall (also rep Sandra Tindall); Marlene Annakin (also rep Mick and family); Zoe Bond; Caroline Waters; David Little; Colin Byron; Diane and Derrick Davis; Donna Davis and Ryan Munford; Craig Davis; Tara Davis; Linda, Dave and Neil Kotek; Philip Pearson; Margaret Jones; Nathan and Helen Clark; Clare Birkbeck; Susie, Stacy and Wayne Pearson.

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall funeral Directors.