Obituary: Rosalind Parkinson Jackson

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. EMN-191010-113859001

The funeral service for Rosalind Parkinson Jackson (nee Dixon), aged 79 years of Caistor, was held at the parish church.

Canon Ian Robinson conducted the service and funeral arrangements were by J Marshall Funeral Directors of Market Rasen.

Born inScunthorpe, Rosalind was a chartered accountant.

Family mourners at the service were: Robert Jackson (husband); Diana Mingaye (sister); Rebecca Roberton (niece); Iain Roberton; Mr and Mrs J A Jackson, Mr and Mrs D C Jackson (brothers-in-law and sisters-in -law); Mr and Mrs CJ Jackson, Mr and Mrs A Neesham, Mr and Mrs D Jackson (nephews, nieces, great nephew and niece); Mr and Mrs G Vigrass, Mr and Mrs T Brooks (cousins).

Friends at the service were: Josie Brocklesby (also rep the family); Linda Davey (also rep Robert); Dick Skelton; Dick Armstrong; Patricia Herring; Angela Crosher; Lady Mason; Mr and Mrs Michael Dennett (also rep Liz Schofield); Bob and Chris Patterson; David and Barbara Brooke; Dick and Josephine Moore; Barry and Lesley Duggan; Dorothy Revell; Ann and Geoff Robson; Mick and Linda Cook; Elle Summerill; John Rowbottom; Judith Northern; Mr and Mrs John Bayes; Mr and Mrs Peter Robinson; Ruth Rutter; Mr and Mrs P Chantry; Vicky Marshall (also rep Paul, Lynn and Andy Roberts); Andrew Empson (also rep Julie); Mandy and Tony Demulder; Janet Steep; Don Gordon-Ball (also rep the Gordon-Ball family; Jen Parker); Neville and Vivian Peasgood (also rep Nina and David Hawks); Neil and Helen Knapton; Gerald and Vicky Neesham; David King; Pat Vann (also rep Terry and Steve Owen); Jill Cartlidge (also rep Mr and Mrs Tim Wood); Malcolm and Heather Robertson; James and Lesley Emerson; Carol Drury; Tony Robinson; Philip and Helen Bletcher (also rep Mr and Mrs Bletcher; Mr and Mrs J Hargreaves); Pat Ecuyer (also rep Elsham); Richard Alderson; Laurence Kirkby; Don Morgan; Angela Powell (also rep staff members); Allan Powell and Gill Jacques; Susan Speed; Vivian Roberts; J Dodds; Linda Loveday (also rep Janet Clilverd); Cynthia Terry (also rep Allan Terry); Dominic Mingaye; Margaret Ann Fraser (also rep Russell Fraser); Anna and Andrew Fraser; Alexander Fraser; John and Ann Dickinson (also rep Sue Henderson); Dr John Harris (also rep Sarah Harris; Elaine and Jenny Burt); R Dawson; John O’Neill; Brian and Barbara Lomas; Colin and Mary Sanderson (also rep George Sanderson, Mr and Mrs W Ramsey, Mr and Mrs R Yule-Smith; Mr W Letten); Ian and Peta Sutherland; Mary Kerr (also rep Archie Kerr); Rosemary Bennett; James Bacon (also rep William Beaumont; Robin Fowler); Mr and Mrs D Lucas; Paul Lucas; Stuart and Barbara Frasor; Mr and Mrs Hewson; David and Penny Would (also rep Mr and Mrs Michael Collins); Judy Clark (also rep Ann Foster, Pat Jones, Ian and Joan Fowler, Jan Albone); Shirley Whitehouse; Michael Knapton; Arthur and Margaret Borrill; David Herring; Polly Tallintyre; David Flint; Mrs C Lancaster; Shelia Clark; Janet Westray; Victoria Cottingham (also rep the Cottingham family); John and Barbara Halmshaw; Pat Jacklin (also rep Roz and also the Lushby family); Linda Pickering; Ben and Hazel Fawcett; Matthew Brooke; Lynn Wright; Janet North; William Scott; Janet Huteson; Rose Davey (also rep the Davey family); James Robinson; Michael and Dinah Peacock; John and Barbara Craven; Cliff and Jackie Jacques; Hugh Jacques; Mrs B Gollard (also rep Mr M Gollard); Mrs A Farrow; Christine Robinson (also rep Richard, Catherine and families); Jill and David Naylor; Margaret Gibson (also rep Fred Gibson); Lewis Strange; Jon and Anne Boughtwood; Andrew Clark (also rep Michael Lindley and also Lincoln Cathedral Music Council); Mel Welton (also rep Christine Welton; Jeff Roberts); Lisa Jane Howes; Stephen Mingaye; Melanie and Robert Adcock - Captain of Elsham Golf Club (also rep Janet Godfrey); Sandy and Campbell Fraser; Mr Cherrington; David Wood (also rep Judy Wood); Paul and Jane Evans; Harry Minns; Mr and Mrs J Lawson; Roger Gott; John and Sue Sutcliffe (also rep John and Tricia Spilman; Chris and Jo Oldridge; Adrian and Chris Ashton); Sue Maw; Shelia Spring; Jacqui Edwards; Gail Kewley (also rep Fiona and Sara); Lynne Day; Brian Eaton; Mrs A McCulloch; Gill Leaning (also rep Terry); Ann Brice; Richard Knapton; John Knapton; Ian Fowler (also rep Joan); Michael Inglis (also rep the Inglis family); Susan White; Tony and Diana Turnbull; Mr and Mrs T Heartley; Malcolm and Sandra Donald; Brian Nazar; Eileen Burnette; Olive Shortland; Gill Wilkinson; Mr and Mrs K Birch (also rep Nicola and Martin Smith); Maureen Clarke; Patsy Davies (also rep Tina Earls; Jackie Boswell); Ann Maw (also rep Jane and Brian Parker); Stephanie Kate; John Lowish (also rep Mrs A Lowish; Mr and Mrs S Atkinson); Judith Hewis (also rep Brenda and Gillian Hewis); Peter Robinson; Keith Mitchell; R H Woods; Mrs J Storr (also rep Mandy Simpson – Hairdresser); Rosalind Hatton (also rep Neil and Gabrielle Ellis, Nigel Frow, Barrie Moore, Charlie Hicman); David Everett; Louis King; Eric Parker; Susan Simson; Mr and Mrs Ian Couch; John and Brenda Blundle (also rep Mr and Mrs S Wharton, Mr and Mrs R Booth, Mrs E Greethah); Dr and Mrs Gordon Leitch; Dr D I Clayton; Mark and Rosalie Herring (also rep Peter and Christine Ashton); Penny Gleadell (also rep Richard Marfleet); John and Rita Cundell; Tammy Bramhill and family (also rep Mrs S Andrew); Jacquie Jacques; Ray and Ann Price; Stephen and Juliette Savage; Mr and Mrs M Strawson (also rep Mr and Mrs Neil Strawson); Richard and Jennifer Rivron; Stephen and Maureen Mollett (also rep Dr and Mrs Ken Dobbs; Lynn Fennimore); Drs John and Janet Pemberton; Mr R Clark (also rep Mrs J Dear); Simon and Suzanne Halmshaw (also rep Chris and Vicky Halmshaw); John Mollett (also rep Mr and Mrs B Pettifer; Mr and Mrs Charlie Barton); Margaret Adams; Liz Davies (also rep Richard); Nick Golland (also rep Beth Golland); Alison Golland (also rep Joyce McGill); Keith and Gwendoline Roberts; Mr and Mrs Derek Johnson; Gill Somerscales (also rep Alan Somerscales); Tim Phipps (also rep Barbara Phipps and also Mason Bagget Solicitors); Helga and Jeremy Sandham; Tim Peacock (also rep Robert and Paidi Kerr); Jenny Barratt (also rep Pat Grant; John Simpson); James and Di Walker; Ann Hamilton; Wendy Harrison (also rep Mike Perkins)