Obituary: Ian Gordon Mawer


The funeral service for Ian Gordon Mawer, aged 74 years, was held at the Salvation Army Centre.

Major T Carpenter officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall funeral directors.

Born in Ashington, Northumberland, Mr Mawer died 20th April 2019 at home in Market Rasen.

Gordon trained as a chef and went on to work for the Trust House Forte, before becoming a hotelier.

He was steward at Market Rasen Golf Club, manager at the Kings Head and manager & chef at the Gordon Arms, Market Rasen.

He then joined Rase Warehousing to learn the trade until his retirement.

Family mourners were: Jessie Mawer (wife); Juliette and John (children) Lauren, Alexander, Sophie and Jacob (grandchildren) Charlie (great grandchild).

Other family attending were: Mr and Mrs I Crosbie; Mr and Mrs J Mawer; Sophie Mawer; Jacob Mawer; Mr and Mrs J Goulder; Mr A Crosbie and Miss M Haber; Mrs E Mitchell; Miss S Mitchell; Miss K Mitchell; Mr J Mitchell; Mr and Mrs J French; Miss J French; Colin French and Miss D Ramsey; Mrs M McLarty.

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs W Johnson; Shirley Sanderson (also rep Rowly and Judy Boulton); Mr and Mrs M Watson (also rep Anna, Chloe and Heidi Watson); Mr and Mrs Doyle (also rep Mr and Mrs Joyce); John Fraser; Mr A Cornell (also rep Mrs S Cornell; Fiona and Louisa); Mr and Mrs J Baxter; Mrs Eileen Scott; Mrs S Carlton (also rep Mr A Carlton); Mr and Mrs J Sims; Jackie and Mike Beddoes; John Furmidge (also rep Betty Lockwood); John and Shirley Hewson (also rep Val and Stuart Lancaster; Sheila Lancaster); Mrs Shute (also rep Elsie Jamieson); John Burt; Shirley Ward; Mrs C Tindall (also rep the Tindall family); Gill Fitch; Gary Cooke; Mrs Sorby; Alan Carter (also rep Jackie Carter; Mr and Mrs Goulsbra); Isabel and Eric Burkes; Rosemary Smith (also rep the Lambie family and also Les Tranter); Mr and Mrs K Tindall (also rep Mr J Tindall); Steve Abbott; Jackie and Phillip Ranby (also rep Claire and Debbie); David Leonard; George Carr; R Harrison (also rep Mrs Janet Goodyear); Mr J Jackson (also rep Neil Cooper); Gill Osbourne (also rep Chris and family); Benny Hinchliffe; Mr and Mrs Bridgwater; Andrew and Rose Clarke; Mr L Brumpton (also rep Mrs Brumpton); Bryson Allyson; Don Cuddingham; Mrs M Frankish (also rep Kay Brumpton); Rosemary and Erol Webster; Ron Pearce (Golf Club); Chris Green (also rep Mr EHJ Green); Harry Lee; Mr Smith; Des and Loraine Goulsbra; Sally and Greg Watkins; Brian and Pam Reaney; Diane Rowles; Becky Wheeler; Edward Dunn; Harry Lee; Tony Smith (also rep Jackie Smith); Kim Walton; Mr and Mrs Dolan; Ian Ribey; Ron Jones; Frank Waterman; Mr and Mrs J Thompson; Bob Davidson (also rep Graham Davidson); Mandy Hibbert; David Garland; June; Mr and Mrs B Archibald; Mr R Newton; Mr and Mrs G Crosbie; Mrs J Albon (also rep Mr J Albon and family); Mr P Mitchell (also rep Mrs M Mitchell); Mr and Mrs A Heath (also rep Mrs J Heath); Mrs J Francis; Mr and Mrs S Francis; Mr I Uprichard; Mr and Mrs D Bourne; Mr B Wilcock and Jill.