North Kelsey Great-gran, 85, on a life-changing mission

Joan Perry EMN-180510-153115001
Joan Perry EMN-180510-153115001

A determined 85-year-old great-grandmother says she has ‘changed her life completely’ and overcome all kinds of health problems after making it her mission to lose weight.

Inspirational Joan Perry, from North Kelsey, says losing weight is the best thing she ever did - and she can now enjoy swimming and water aerobics.

Joan has lost almost four-and-a-half stone since 2016, and even managed to keep up her lifestyle changes while caring for her terminally ill husband, Roy, who died last 

She said: “I feel alive.

“At 85 you haven’t got time to waste.

“There’s no point thinking ‘I want to do something’, you’ve just got to do 

“It’s the best thing I ever did.

“I had difficulty walking and breathing, and all sorts of health problems.

“It’s changed my life completely.

“I’ve always liked swimming - now it’s so much easier to do it.

“In 2017 I looked after my husband while he was terminally ill - I couldn’t have done it without losing 

Joan, who attends Michelle Edmunds’ Slimming World group in North Kelsey, says she now has a healthy diet with lots of fruit and 

Michelle said: “Joan is 85 and has lost a staggering 4stone 6lbs, and aims to lose 5stone by 

“This lady is very inspirational as was it not for us having the rural location she would not be able to attend 
a group.

“She’s not been the fastest loser but continued her journey without fail regardless of results on 

“She comes every single week and cannot walk any distance without the use of a walking aid, but never misses a week in 

Joan said: “It’s convenient to have a group in the village so I can walk