New series of ‘brainfood’ talks start in Rasen

Four of the organisers..Sue Tubman, Colin Saywell, Sarah Paul and Bob Tubman. EMN-170926-110215001
Four of the organisers..Sue Tubman, Colin Saywell, Sarah Paul and Bob Tubman. EMN-170926-110215001

A new series of informative talks opened in Market Rasen on Monday night as dozens turned out at The White Swan to hear a talk on economics - with a difference.

Speaker Biff Vernon, a geologist with a passion for protecting the environment, kicked off the Witham branch of the Labour Party’s ‘Thinking Sessions’.

Mr Vernon presented a introduction to economist Kate Raworth’s theory of ‘Doughnut Economics’ - a model which suggests that striving for economic growth is no longer viable - rather an economic system that takes the protection of the planet into account while ensuring everyone can live comfortably with everything they need.

Mr Vernon said: “The goal of Doughnut Economics is not continuous economic growth.

“A tree grows until it reaches maturity - and then it thrives.

“This kind of thinking can be applied to economics to ensure the planet and its population can thrive.”

Organiser Bob Tubman was ‘very pleased’ with the ‘great start’ the Thinking Sessions 
had made - and told the Mail where the idea to set up the series had sprung from.

He said: “One of our younger members mentioned that we ask for a lot of people’s time during election times, and started of a train of thought - what can we give back?

“Another member suggested rather than ‘drinking sessions’, we could provide ‘thinking sessions’ - a little bit of brain food to stimulate thinking on topics you might not normally come across.

“We wanted to pull together a programme that wasn’t strictly party political and stress that these sessions are completely open to the public - regardless of political orientation!

“The aim is to encourage conversation on a variety of topics!”

And there plenty were positive comments following the talk and group discussion.

Andy Knowles said he ‘really enjoyed’ the session.

He added: “I found it really thought provoking.”

Alan Woodcock added: “It wasn’t really something I would have come to if friends hadn’t encouraged me - but I am very glad I did!

“It’s really got me thinking and I would definitely come again!”

There are several Thinking Sessions set to take place over the coming months.

The next session will be a talk by Simon Taylor on life as an army doctor, to take place 
on November 26 from 7pm with a suggested donation of £2.