New path idea sparks disability access fears for Rasen’s De Aston Field

De Aston Field EMN-171016-143659001
De Aston Field EMN-171016-143659001

Wheelchair accessibility fears have been raised as proposals for a new woodchip path on De Aston fields were revealed at this month’s Market Rasen town council meeting.

Town Mayor John Matthews introduced the plans to the council on October 4 - but there were accessibility concerns from wheelchair users present.

Coun Matthews said: “One of the more recent ideas is that we put a woodchip path in (De Aston Field).

“That’s the suggestion - a metre wide path that is edged with pressure treated wood.”

Coun Matthews added that the proposal, if it went ahead, may take some time to complete - and would cost £8,000.

“It’s going to take a bit of work.

“The proposal is that the path would go right up the existing county council footpath as an edged walkway.

“We are proposing to put some remembrance seating in - and we have a gym area - so it also makes sense to have a walkway to access those.

“It would be a lot of pathway and would cost in the region of £8,000.

Coun Bone was the first to raise accessibility fears.

She said: “I do use a wheelchair from time to time and I can tell you that would be completely inaccessible.”

Coun Thomas Smith said: “Grass is easier to navigate in a wheelchair than woodchipping by a country mile - and grass is not easy.

“Woodchip isn’t possible for a path if you want a wheelchair to use it.”

Councillors were concerned that the cost of a universally accessible path would be greater.

Coun Matthews said: “The path we put in Mill Road playing field is nowhere near as long as the one proposed for De Aston field - and that cost us £16,000.”

Coun Bunney asked whether the project could be undertaken in stages - completing part of the path with tarmac and then seeing how money could be raised to complete the rest over time.

You can make your views known to the town clerk on 01673 842479.

Alternatively, you can email townclerk@market