New homes plan will create ‘vibrant’ town

New houses in Market RAsen EMN-150610-103251001
New houses in Market RAsen EMN-150610-103251001

Caistor’s mayor has spoken out in favour of a major plan for hundreds new homes in the area - while Market Rasen’s mayor is still 
declining to comment.

The Local Plan for central Lincolnshire shows how by 2036, 585 homes could be built in Market Rasen and 563 in Caistor.

The plan, currently under consultation, details ‘significant’ proposals for growth in employment and retail - and highlights Hemswell as one of six key areas to create jobs.

Caistor mayor Carol Mackenzie said: “If Caistor is going to grow and become more vibrant, more people moving in with new ideas will be useful.

“In the scheme of things, throughout the county, it (563 homes) could be worse.”

As reported in the Rasen Mail last month, Market Rasen mayor John Matthews had declined to comment on the plan until after a ‘behind-closed-doors’ meeting had been held with councillors.

Following a second approach for a comment, Coun Matthews said: “After what you put (in the Rasen Mail)? I don’t think so.

“I was appalled with it.”

The Local Plan, which lasts until 2036, says that ‘to maintain and enhance’ their roles as market towns, Caistor and Market Rasen will be the focus for ‘significant but proportionate’ growth in housing, employment, retail and wider service 

The plan, developed by the central Lincolnshire joint strategic planning committee, aims to co-ordinate where, when, how and to what extent growth takes place across the centre of Lincolnshire, 
including West Lindsey.

It includes a proposal to ‘cap’ growth in smaller 
villages, unless the community indicates it would like more development.

Large villages such as Keelby, Middle Rasen and Welton, are set to be a ‘focus’ for growth with similar rules to the 
market towns, and Hemswell Cliff has been identified as key area that could could accommodate significant growth in employment and attract inward investment.

Central Lincolnshire joint strategic planning committee chairman, and West Lindsey District Council leader, Jeff Summers said: “This plan has come together through years of research and consultation.

“It is a development structure plan designed to create an appropriate balance of housing, employment and infrastructure to meet the modern needs of Lincolnshire people both now and into the future.

“How we manage this (growth) is paramount to creating an appropriate sustainable and green environment for all to enjoy.”

Caistor Town Council’s planning committee will discuss the Local Plan and its official response at a meeting in the town hall at 6.45pm tomorrow evening 
(Thursday, October 8).

Public consultation events take place at Market Rasen Festival Hall tomorrow, from 2pm until 8pm and at Caistor Town Hall on Tuesday, October 13 from 
2pm until 8pm.