New homes plan to tackle ‘dangerous Osgodby eyesore’

The Seaford Neighbourhood Plan Referendum takes place this Thursday (February 6)
The Seaford Neighbourhood Plan Referendum takes place this Thursday (February 6)

A ‘dangerous eyesore’ in the centre of Osgodby could be transformed if planners approve a proposal for four new homes.

Applicant Mrs C Roke has applied for planning permission to build a two-storey house, two bungalows and one dormer bungalow at the Old Lorry Yard in Main Street.

Two of the homes would have three bedrooms and the other two would have at least four bedrooms. They would be accessed via a private driveway.

The planning statement said: “The existing site is currently deteriorating… and is covered by a mixture of old vehicles and the large asbestos cement steel framed building.

“The scheme will remove an eyesore in the centre of this village. The site is open and dangerous at present and close to the village school, therefore the redevelopment will also improve village safety.

“It is felt that the redevelopment of this site will be a planning gain for the village and tidy up and area of derelict frontage, which will improve public perception of this area of the village, especially when taking and collecting the children from school.”

The 2,262 square metre site became vacant in April 2019 when the lorry yard and workshop closed.

The planning statement continued: “It is envisaged that the development within the core of the village cannot be repeated many further times and therefore it is felt that this plot will comply with national and local planning policies together with the neighbourhood plan and would not be out of context with their locality.”

Osgodby Parish Council has produced its own ‘growth and monitoring document’, last updated in October 2019. This states growth should not exceed 25 new homes. So far 22 homes have been approved, but only three have been built between 2015 and 2019.