New councillor feels proud to represent Rasen

Councillor Cathy Sirett. EMN-190729-152208001
Councillor Cathy Sirett. EMN-190729-152208001

One of Market Rasen’s newest co-opted town councillors says she is excited to help make a difference to the town.

Cathy Sirett, who has lived in Market Rasen for about two years, is looking forward to getting involved in local matters.

She said: “I saw the notice for volunteers and I messaged Nicky Brooksbank, from Nice and Naughty Cafe Bistro, to say shall we go for this, and she said she had already emailed, so I thought I would too.

“I used to work in Milton Keynes on the board of Trustees for a charity - so I like being involved in the community and making a contribution in some way, so this looked like an opportunity to get involved in Rasen.

“I believe that if you complain you should come up and try and do something about it

“I’m a dog owner so I have stepped up to be a volunteer dog warden

“I’m going to be there at council events.

“I believe that councillors at a town and parish level need to be involved in lots of things.

“The reason that we become councillors is that we want to make a difference to our town and contribute to it - so, as councillors, we’ve got to put the time in and the leg work.

“One of the things that I’ve discovered since I’ve become a town councillor is how many people and groups there are in the Market Rasen community that are already out there making a difference.”

Coun Sirett has also praised the ‘can do’ attitude adopted by fellow councillors.

She explained: “There doesn’t seem to be any point scoring - it is all about how can we fix this and make it better. There is a very much ‘can do’ attitude.

“What you have got is a group of 12 people who are working together to try and make a difference to the town.

“I’m really excited to be in Market Rasen and I really like the town - I am excited to be on the council.”

Coun Sirett used to work for Oxford City Council many years ago, and is now a self-employed business learning and development consultant.

A countryside girl at heart, Coun Sirett enjoys walking her dogs in the local woods and horse riding.

Coun Sirett added: “I also write books and do ink and watercolour wildlife paintings.”

One of Coun Sirett’s other passions is allotments - and making potential spaces in Rasen accessible to