MP Sir Edward Leigh will stand for Speaker

MP for Market Rasen, Sir Edward Leigh.
MP for Market Rasen, Sir Edward Leigh.

MP for Market Rasen, Sir Edward Leigh, has confirmed that he will stand for the office of Speaker, after the shock resignation of John Bercow on Monday evening.

The same evening, Sir Edward took to Twitter to confirm that he will stand to replace Mr Bercow.

In a tweet, Sir Edward said: “Although on many occasions he has infuriated me, I am grateful that Mr Speaker has always been determined to give a voice to those who want to ask real questions of the executive.

“I confirm that I will stand for the office of Speaker.”

Sir Edward Leigh was also interviewed by Sky News after the announcement.

In the interview, he said: “Well I am strongly in favour of politicians keeping their word and letting everybody have their say which is why I have personally announced tonight that I am going to stand for the office of Speaker.

“So I believe that if that ever happens I would want to be completely impartial but I am still a backbencher so I can speak my mind, so I will speak my mind to you and I will say firmly and strongly that Parliament voted overwhelmingly to have this referendum, Parliament voted overwhelmingly to carry out the will of its people and invoke Article 50.

“Parliament cannot now stop it, and when people talk about how terrible no deal is I agree with them - I voted for the deal three times.

“But let’s face it, many people in this Parliament just want to block Brexit so we’ve got to be completely honest and avoid all the hypocrisy, and somehow Boris has to get us out on October 31.

“I personally believe he will do so with a deal.”

As previously reported, back in May this year, Sir Edward announced that he intended to stand for the Office of Speaker when it became available.

In a series of tweets issued in May, Sir Edward said: “When a vacancy occurs I intend to stand for the office of Speaker.

“I would be a traditional speaker who does not speak much.

“Like a judge I would, by my conduct and dress, submerge my personality into the office.

“I would prioritise serious debate.

“This may mean time limits of not less than five minutes in debates.

“Urgent questions should be heard when needed: when there is something urgent and important to be discussed.

“I would be rigidly impartial.

“I oppose any move against the present Speaker who must be allowed to retire at a time of his choosing.

“In order to protect the office of Speaker, this issue must not be politicised.”