More deer being killed on our roads

More deer are being killed on our roads
More deer are being killed on our roads

An increasing number of deer are being killed on the county’s roads, say the Lincolnshire Deer Group.

The Group attended 123 road incidents involving deer in 2014, up by 28 per cent from the year before which saw 96 incidents.

The dramatic rise in deaths has been linked by experts to an increasing deer population.

Malcolm Armstrong, who is part of the Lincolnshire Deer Group, said that although Lincolnshire has never historically had a high deer population, it is ‘ever increasing’.

He said: “If you look at figures and imagine what it’s costing insurance companies and ultimately motorists, it’s only going to get worse.”

A spokesman for the AA said: “Deer are heavy animals, often weighing more than a human being.

“Cars often come off badly when they hit a deer.

“This inevitably makes repairs after a deer accident expensive.”

In response to the rise in accidents, volunteers are calling for a “determined” culling to bring the situation under control.