Missing cat details

Lincolnshire Trust for Cats EMN-150326-163821001
Lincolnshire Trust for Cats EMN-150326-163821001

A British Short-Hair cat was left outside the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats gate in Mill Lane, Osgodby this morning, Thursday March 26, but unfortunately the fabric cat carrier it was left in was not secure.

When it was discovered by a member of staff coming in to work at 8am, the cat had escaped.

“If the owner could please get in touch so that we at least know the colour of the cat and its name,” said the Trust’s Jain Kidd.

A note left with the cat carrier said the cat had a skin condition, is a neutered male and is approximately 18-months old.

He is friendly, but will obviously be quite frightened.

Call the Trust on 01673 844628.