Middle Rasen School is fighting back after being listed as an ‘underperforming’ school

Middle Rasen Primary School
Middle Rasen Primary School

Middle Rasen Primary has defended its latest rating as an ‘Underperforming’ school, saying a dip in results is an ‘isolated occurrence’.

The 2017/18 primary school league tables show Middle Rasen Primary School is one of eight in Lincolnshire that did not meet the Government’s floor standard for performance at Key Stage Two.

According to the figures, only 20 per cent of pupils at the school met the expected standard with reading, writing and maths progress scores all ranked as ‘well below average’.

Legsby Primary School was also ranked in the bottom 10 with 25% of pupils reaching the required standard.

At the other end of the table, Tealby and Binbrook CofE Primary Schools were both ranked in the county’s top 10.

In a statement to the Rasen Mail, Middle Rasen Primary School said: “The school has thoroughly investigated the reasons for the dip in KS2 test results in 2018, and we are confident this is an isolated occurrence.

“We anticipate results will improve significantly in 2019, and this view was backed up in our recent Ofsted inspection where the school retained our Good grading. In addition, both KS1 and phonics results continue to be in line with, or above, national average.”

And a former Middle Rasen parent told the Mail she was ‘always very happy’ with her son’s ‘fantastic’ education.

She said: “As a former 
parent from Middle Rasen Primary School, we were always very happy with the school.

“The learning journey was educational and engaging.

“I feel my son’s start to his education has been fantastic, credit to the teachers for nurturing his thirst for learning and making the first years of his education a solid platform for him to move forward on.”

The school was inspected by Ofsted in November this year and a report published earlier this month stated: “The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.

“You, together with governors, are addressing the 
recent dip in pupils’ standards by the end of Year Six.

“You have improved the quality of teaching and you are strengthening the curriculum.

“You act well upon external advice in order to maintain continued improvement.”

And the inspector said: “Your school is a welcoming and attractive place where pupils’ personal and academic achievements are celebrated.

“This is valued by parents and carers.”

The report said staff staff frequently check pupils’ progress and work out which pupils need extra help.

Back in 2014 Middle Rasen Primary School hit the national headlines after an Ofsted inspector said the school was failing to do enough to ensure pupils understand the ‘cultural diversity of modern British society’ and experience ‘first-hand interaction with counterparts from different backgrounds’.

And the latest inspection says the school has now addressed this issue.

It stated: “Since the previous inspection, you have developed the curriculum, enhanced by trips to outside locations and visitors to the school, to widen pupils’ understanding of others beyond the school community and to promote important values of respect and tolerance.”

Tealby School was listed first in a list for best performing schools in the county with 92% of pupils meeting expected levels in reading, writing and maths.

In that same list, Binbrook was in ninth place with 86% of pupils reaching the required standard.