Middle Rasen plans for travelling circus

Planning application stock image.
Planning application stock image.

A family travelling circus could be stationed near Middle Rasen, when not on tour, if latest plans are approved by West Lindsey District Council.

Documents on the WLDC website reveal that the applicant, Mr Mack, is applying for a proposed change of use of land to permanent family quarters for a circus operating group of travelling showpeople.

The site in question is on land at Castle Livestock Farm, in Lincoln Lane, Middle Rasen.

Documents reveal that the travelling family have been looking for a site to act as permanent headquarters for the family.

Plans also reveal that the family wish to live there when they are not touring the UK.

Documents state: “The site is sufficiently distant from residential properties and thus the use of the site for permanent quarters for travelling showpeople will not result in any conflict of uses or amenity issues.

“The applicant wishes to use the site to provide secure accommodation respite for her family when not away travelling.”

To date, no residents have submitted any objections to plans.