Middle Rasen electric fence is ‘no danger’ to children

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The son of a Middle Rasen couple who own the electric fenced land between Naylors Drive and the cricket pitch in the village has said that children are ‘perfectly safe’ from the fence.

James Clark said the electric fencing was in place to keep walkers safe from livestock, and that his own young son had ‘made contact’ with the fence on multiple occasions and was unharmed.

Mr Clark’s comments come after local man Anthony Mence received a zap from the fence and wondered if it would be ‘more serious’ if a child was shocked.

Mr Clark said: “The fence has been in place for more than 20 years, and was erected to protect people using the footpath from the cattle in the field.

“Signs warning users that electric fencing is in operation have been in place but these are regularly removed and have to be maintained along with the fencing.

“Since the fencing has been in place the hedge, which was mentioned, has been maintained by the local council.

“The electric fencing is the only effective way to make sure that the cattle are kept safe within the field.

“It delivers a minor electric current, which gives the animals a warning not to stray over the boundary.

“My eight year old son William has come in contact with the fence on a few occasions, and, although it has given him a little shock, it definitely isn’t something that would cause him or any other child any harm.

“My parents have lived and been involved in farming most of their lives. They are well liked and respected by the village, and any suggestion that they would endanger any child on their property is completely unfair.”