Mayor condemns fire started at Rasen play area

Mill Road play park EMN-190820-093038001
Mill Road play park EMN-190820-093038001

Investigations are ongoing after a fire at Mill Road 
playing field, in Market Rasen, last Monday (August 12).

Town Mayor John Matthews and Deputy Mayor Stephen Bunney have condemned the actions of those responsible.

Damage to a picnic bench in Mill Road Playing Field EMN-190820-090143001

Damage to a picnic bench in Mill Road Playing Field EMN-190820-090143001

Councillor Matthews said: “Personally, I think it is a great shame that a minority of our community show such disregard and lack of respect for the town’s property and want to spoil things for the majority.

“As for the fire incident, I am very concerned about the safety of people and those involved should be mindful of their actions.

“CCTV is being reviewed by the police and, if tracked, action will be taken against individuals responsible.”

Councillor Bunney has also spoken out after the fire - and added that there had been another criminal damage incident at Mill Road playing fields recently.

Coun Bunney said: “It is clearly disappointing that the antisocial behaviour of a few towards the town’s property, and residents, ruin it for the majority.

“Luckily, the recent graffiti and fire in Mill Road playing field have not done any lasting physical damage but it has left a number of residents with negative feelings towards the town.

“It is not right that some families feel unable to allow their children to enjoy playing on the equipment in the park, but when you consider the behaviour and language of this few, you can understand why.

“Hopefully, CCTV evidence and information gleaned by the police, will enable the authorities to take appropriate action to improve the situation.

“For every young person who behaves inappropriately there are a far greater number of well-behaved who use the parks and the equipment appropriately.

“In the last few months they (young people) have asked for further equipment to be provided in the parks – notably a zipwire and swings, and other equipment useable by wheelchair users.

“A group of local residents are currently working on designs and fundraising possibilities - it will be a great shame if the behaviour of the few stand in the way of these efforts.”

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman added: “Incident 413 of August 12 refers to a fire at Coronation Road, Market Rasen. Our officers came across this and investigations continue.”

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