Market Rasen’s ‘major speeding problems’

Cars head into town on the A631 EMN-190419-151123001
Cars head into town on the A631 EMN-190419-151123001

Major speeding problems are blighting almost every road leading into Market Rasen, says the town’s deputy mayor who is calling for action.

Speaking at Market Rasen Town Council’s April meeting, deputy mayor Steve Bunney said: “On the roads coming into town, in almost every case, there’s a speeding issue.

“We know there are fatal accidents, usually once or twice a year.

“Speeding is a major issue.”

And Mayor John Matthews added: “It’s because they’re open straight roads.”

Coun Bunney’s comments came after Coun Matthews said Lincolnshire County Council highways officers had agreed to road safety improvements outside De Aston School.

Coun Bunney said: “We’ll have to look at other areas of town - we shouldn’t just be doing one area.”

Discussing the issue on social media, Jan Hickman said: “Speeding into Market Rasen from Willingham Woods terrible.”

And Emma Room said: “[It’s] definitely a problem, especially down Dear Street and the main road leading into the town. Something needs to be done, sooner rather than later.”

But Garth West said: “[I’ve] never seen any speeding into the town from either direction.”

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman John Siddle said: “I cannot comment on the incidents currently under investigation. However, whilst we know there is speeding occurring on the local roads and we have significant enforcement resources to deal with that, we cannot be everywhere all of the time.

“The reality is some drivers/riders use those roads to intentionally speed, but in doing so put other road users at risk.

“We are working to reduce that risk and casualties, through education and enforcement and this is why Community Speed Watch is so important.

“Local members of the public taking action to discourage those people who break the speed limits in vulnerable areas.”