Market Rasen Racecourse joins the fight against litter

Litter in Rasen's streets EMN-170709-065308001
Litter in Rasen's streets EMN-170709-065308001

Market Rasen Racecourse General Manager, Nadia Powell, has committed to continue working with local authorities in the fight against litter in Market Rasen.

Some readers got in touch with the Mail with concerns that Saturday race days were contributing to litter in the town, with more people attracted to the town in the evening - which Mrs Powell acknowledged.

Writing on our Facebook page, Allistair Norburn said: “As I remember this started due to a lack of street cleaning after last Saturday’s race meeting and later from people leaving food and drink establishments.

“My comment then, was that we cannot police people’s anti social behaviour, but local authorities should organise street cleaning for first thing on the following day, even if that is a Sunday.

“We all pay our rates and the town businesses pay business rates too.”

Julie Lambie said: “More bins are needed.

“It’s ‘spot the bin’ in town as there are very few -
but race days are the main issue.”

Mrs Powell, told the Market Rasen Mail: “Market Rasen Racecourse very much values its position within the community of the town.

“We are aware that, after the most popular racing days, there can be occasional issues with litter in the surrounding area.

“To assist, we paid casual staff to pick up litter in the immediate vicinity of the racecourse following the two music concerts with Olly Murs and Kaiser Chiefs this summer, an initiative which was well received by local residents.

“We will continue to work with the local authorities to ensure that people are not inconvenienced, and also ask our visitors to dispose of rubbish in the most appropriate way.”

Other readers got in touch to praise the town.

Dave Woedington said: “I don’t think it’s bad for litter at all.

“As some one who moved here from Grimsby, there is nothing wrong with Rasen really, except a few minor issues that I’m sure the council could tackle easily.”

West Lindsey District Council has previously defended its litter picking policy, stating that ‘a small minority’ is to blame for ‘dumping their rubbish’.