Man jailed following attack on girlfriend

Ashley Surfleet
Ashley Surfleet

A boyfriend has been locked up after he hit his partner in the head with Chinese nunchucks like those used by martial arts film star Bruce Lee.

Ashley Surfleet, 20, of Osgodby has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in a young offender’s institute after he pleaded guilty to GBH with intent and common assault.

Lincoln Crown Court heard how Surfleet attacked girlfriend of four years Josina Clarke, leaving her with a fracture in her arm, two black eyes, swelling to her nose, cuts to her head, bruising and scratches to arms and legs and a blister on her cheek.

Sentencing, Judge Michael Heath described it as “a serious incident of domestic violence”.

The court heard Surfleet had been sleeping at his mother’s house last September when he became suspicious about what his girlfriend was up to in the living room.

Prosecuting, Esther Harrison told the court Surfleet went downstairs, punched Miss Clarke in the face and then hit her in the head with a pair of nunchucks.

Miss Clarke was screaming and in pain. She climbed out of a window and hid behind a bush to escape, but Surfleet dragged her back by her hair, pulling part of it out of her head. Surfleet punched Miss Clarke in the face again and she ran to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Surfleet blistered Miss Clarke’s cheek using a can of aerosol and a lighter. This set off a smoke alarm and distracted Surfleet.

Miss Clarke eventually escaped by climbing out of the bathroom window and running across a field to Surfleet’s aunt’s house.

Despite her ordeal, Miss Clarke still has feelings for Surfleet and wants him to get help for his behaviour.

When police interviewed Surfleet he said he could not remember what had happened and that he loved his girlfriend.

Defending, Michael Cranmer-Brown said Surfleet had been using stimulant drug Mcat and taking prescription drug diazepam in excess.

He said Surfleet’s behaviour was “out of character”.

Mr Cranmer-Brown said: “He wasn’t thinking straight or behaving in his normal way. His life had gone completely off the rails.”

Judge Heath said Surfleet professed to love Miss Clarke but treated her in a way that was contrary to this.

In a separate case at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court, Surfleet pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking, theft of wine, failing to stop after being asked to by a police officer, driving without due care and attention and two counts of using a vehicle without third party insurance.

He was banned from driving for 12 months and given 60 days in prison, to be served concurrently.