Lucy becomes face of army campaign

Photo by David Baird (
Photo by David Baird (

A former Caistor Grammar student, currently serving at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, has become the new face for Army recruitment.

Captain Lucy Mason, 30, became involved in the adverts when the Recruiting Group asked the corps and regiments across the Army to nominate suitable officers and soldiers to take part. The Royal Artillery asked Lucy because she had recently been posted as an instructor at Sandhurst.

Before joining the army, Lucy, whose parents live in Claxby, was a student at Leeds University, where she studied zoology.

Lucy has been in the military for six years and has seen deployments to Afghanistan and several training exercises to Canada, California, Cyprus, France and Germany.

She is from the 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, but is currently serving as a platoon instructor at Sandhurst. Lucy took up her appointment in May as Commander of the ladies’ platoon in the junior intake, and will continue as their platoon commander until they commission in 2015.

When asked how she felt about being involved in such a huge event for the Army, she said: “I was very happy to take part in the campaign, as I feel what I have been able to achieve shows the diversity a career in the Army can offer you. Even within One Corps I have worked with mini unmanned aerial vehicles, air defence and as a Fire Support Team Commander in an armoured gun regiment as well as being a Brigade Visits officer. I have also been given countless opportunities to play sport and conduct adventurous training (gaining qualifications) around the world.”

Lucy is a very keen Alpine Ski racer, having captained various army teams. She has become a sky diving coach too, also captaining a 4-way formation skydiving team at the Armed Forces Parachuting Championships this year.