Lorries cause issues for village residents on the Wolds

Binbrook EMN-170812-225738001
Binbrook EMN-170812-225738001

Residents in the Wolds village of Binbrook have expressed concern over large vehicles rumbling through.

They have noticed an increase in the number of huge lorries, belonging to Welton Aggregates, a company currently working on the former airfield at Ludford.

Many have got in touch with Coun Richard Fry, of Binbrook ward, to tell him of their concerns.

Coun Fry said: “I do fully understand that heavy vehicles are allowed on the roads, but there is concern in this community.”

On a recent car journey to Louth, Coun Fry said he and his wife had counted 36 vehicles in two hours.

“That is one every three and a half minutes,” said Coun Fry.

“There has got to be a way in which this could be better organised and causing less disruption.”

A county council spokesperson said: “We are aware of this issue, and are discussing it with the district council.

“The first step is to gauge whether the activity taking place at the former airfield requires planning permission or not.

“If it does, then it may be possible to include conditions relating to vehicle movements.

“However, if it is deemed that the activity doesn’t require planning permission, there is little we can do to stop these vehicles from using the public highway.”