Long-serving Rasen county councillor announces retirement

Burt Keimach  EMN-171004-112538001
Burt Keimach EMN-171004-112538001

He’s been serving on the county council for eight years, but Burt Keimach has now announced his retirement.

The former West Lindsey District Council leader has confirmed that ‘after eight enjoyable years’ serving as the Lincolnshire County Councillor for Market Rasen Wolds ward, it his time to ‘put his feet up’.

Coun Keimach said: “After eight enjoyable years at Lincolnshire County Council, I have decided to retire.

“I have been working since 15 years of age and have enjoyed my time as a county councillor but I’ve had enough, and it’s time I put my feet up.

“I hope I’ve done good in my ward and helped.”

But Coun Keimach says he isn’t going to ‘disappear’ and will be watching the local governance’s devolution process ‘very closely’.

He said: “I hope all turns out for the best with the devolution, but there are major changes on the way.

“I will also be keeping an eye on West Lindsey.

“Having served as WLDC leader, I have a strong affection for the place.

“I’m not completely going away, and I am always happy to give any advice.”

Coun Keimach has hit the headlines previously to champion Market Rasen’s formerly free parking - and in the last few months to condemn West Lindsey District Council’s decision to introduce parking charges in Rasen.

He said: “When I was leader of West Lindsey I continually resisted such a penny wise and pound foolish measure.”

Coun Keimach has also previously said that Gainsborough was ‘jealous’ of Market Rasen’s free parking, as it was the only town in West Lindsey to have it.

And Coun Keimach may be heading for sunnier climes as he thinks about how to fill his time during his retirment.

He said: “I have children in Spain and San Fransisco - so it will be nice to travel and visit them.

“Although I can’t complain about the weather here of late!”