Lonely Newtoft mum killed herself in bath

Newtoft EMN-180514-112333001
Newtoft EMN-180514-112333001

A lonely mum who was convinced her estranged husband had been having an affair killed herself in the bath at her home in Newtoft, an inquest heard.

Police forced their way into Lukhbir Turner’s home in Tudor Close on September 5 last year after neighbours raised concerns she had not been seen for several days.

An inquest in Lincoln on Tuesday (May 8) heard how police initially arrested Mrs Turner’s estranged husband Christopher Turner in relation to her death.

But an investigation showed she had set fire to herself - Mrs Turner was spotted on CCTV carrying a can of a flammable substance into the house and a cigarette lighter was found in the bath.

The court heard how Mrs Turner, 40, had made three suicide attempts in the previous months. She had issues with social isolation and feeling frustrated with thoughts of poor self worth.

Mrs Turner told NHS staff being stuck in Lincolnshire was not helping her issues and she was looking to move away.

Messages sent before her death showed Mr Turner had made it clear their relationship was at the end.

Detective Inspector Dave Harrop told the inquest: “I was extremely suspicious at the outset.

“I think she was in a desperate place in order to do what she did.”

Assistant coroner Marianne Johnson said: “There were three previous suicide attempts taken by Mrs Turner, she was obviously very distressed.”

Ms Johnson said Mrs Turner was provided with constant support by mental health services and was not shy about asking for help.

She said: “I’m not concerned she was forgotten by mental health services.The GP surgery was fully aware of Mrs Turner’s situation.

“She felt very isolated. She was in Lincolnshire on her own, her children weren’t living with her.”

And the assistant coroner said Mrs Turner had been very good at convincing health workers she was not going to take her own life.

Ms Johnson said: “Initially there were concerns this was something more than taking her own life.”

The cause of death was found to be inhalation of the products of combustion and the coroner’s conclusion was suicide.