Lasting reminder for bereaved

Mark Armstrong EMN-151129-203807001
Mark Armstrong EMN-151129-203807001
  • Binbrook man designs ‘UK’s first patented disc’ to comfort families after death of a baby

A man from Binbrook says he has come up with a solution to the national problem of many families not having any reminder of babies that have been cremated.

Mark Armstrong has designed a small metal disc that is engraved and then goes through the cremation process with a baby.

Even if there are not any ashes left, the disc will contain carbon elements from the infant, which Mark says will ‘comfort’ bereaved families.

Mark, who has worked in the funeral industry for the past 20 years, claims he is the first person in the UK to come up with this idea - and says he has had the design patented.

He said: “It’s a leap forward. It’s providing security that’s never been seen in this country before. Instead of getting nothing back from the cremated remains, families get this disc - they’re going to take comfort from that. The disc will have been on the baby and they’ll draw comfort from that for the rest of their lives. I’ve had to deal with these families who’ve had nothing returned to them.

“When crematoriums have been cremating babies and small children the families haven’t had the ashes returned.

“You never get anything back from really small babies - with this you would get something.”

Mark says the discs are two inches big and are made from specialist stainless steel.

They are engraved with personalised details, such as the family name and name of the baby - and can even be made into a keyring.

Mark explains how it works: “It goes in the coffin before the funeral takes place. It goes through the cremation process and comes back to the family at the end of the cremation. It provides peace of mind.”

The discs come in a box which can also be personalised with with things like a poem, photo or lock of hair.

Mark, 47, has called his business Keep Me Close - and he hopes to operate nationwide.

He said: “I’m the only person in the country doing it.”

Mark said he has got several hospitals and a crematorium on board with his idea.And says he is in discussions with the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management.