Kirkby-Cum-Osgodby to create Neighbourhood Plan

Village News EMN-150704-114414001
Village News EMN-150704-114414001

Kirkby-Cum-Osgodby is joining other parishes in West Lindsey by creating its own Neighbourhood Plan.

Villagers are invited to attend a first meeting about what it involves at Osgodby Village Hall on May 27.

They can also hear how other communities have also fared with their own plans.

Speakers from Welton Parish Council will also be at Osgodby Annual Parish Meeting in May to share their experiences.

Parish council chairman Stephen Chester says the Neighbourhood Plan will replace an earlier Parish Plan which has ended its 5-year life.

It should take 18-24 months to develop and could last 20 years.

“It will give the community a chance to direct the way their village so it is not left to stagnate but can evolve over the life of the plan. A village without any development will stagnate. We have a thriving primary school and nursery and we see they are key to creating a lively community that comprises of all age groups, not just the retiired,” he said.

The Parish council will be registering its aim with West Lindsey District Council, who will use the plan as a major part of its own Central Lincolnshire District Plan.

Already parish councillors have attended training seessions in preparing such a document, though they are keen for volunteers to join them.

Osgodby’s district councillor Geoff Wiseman says there will be much work for the parish council in developing its neighbourhood plan, including gaining grant funding to produce the document. But Coun Wiseman said he would help the parish council work its way through the process.