Inspirational messages for new year slimmers

Nicki Hasslegrave EMN-190701-205405001
Nicki Hasslegrave EMN-190701-205405001

A group of slimmers in the Rasen area lost an incredible combined 728 stone in 2018, the equivalent weight of more than nine racehorses.

The dedicated bunch from the five local Slimming World groups are now encouraging other people in the area to make a positive change in 2019.

Of the 250 super slimmers, 2018 saw 92 of them achieve their dream weight loss target, and 121 people shed 10 per cent of their original body weight.

And their group leader, Annabelle Stemp says she is thrilled with how well her slimmers have 

Annabelle said: “As a consultant there is no greater feeling than giving that member their target certificate once they achieve their dream weight loss, whether it is one stone, four stone or 10 stone - that is their weight loss they have achieved with 

“You have helped them have a new lease of life, feel happier, healthier and confident.

“You can even help them increase their life expectancy and reduce the risk of serious illness, which is so, so, overwhelming when you think we are helping over 250 people each week.”

Shaun Bennett decided to lose weight after having a stroke - he wanted to help prevent any further serious health complications.

So far, Shaun has shed more than one and a half stone, and feels 

He said: “Losing the weight has made everything so much easier, having an active job was really making working hard, now it is so much 

“Running around the football pitches in the summer with my sons has to be a highlight too.

“Something I never thought I would be doing again.

“I’ve been reassured my chances of a stroke have now dramatically reduced - that is so, so reassuring and liberating.”

And Charlotte Taylor, who lost four stone, had this message for anyone thinking about losing weight in 2019: “It’s given me confidence that I’ve never had before, so now when I go to Sundown or out with kids I’m not worried I’ll break the ride, or get stuck in it.

“I feel like a woman, not just a mum, I’m so happy now.”

Diane Barlow, who has lost more than six stone, said she has had a massive confidence boost and is now able to go out and buy nice, fashionable clothes.

Her advice to residents is: “Don’t give up when things get tough, as I’ve been a yo-yo dieter in the past.

“[Slimming] has changed my life completely, so stick with it.”

Nicki Hasslegrave has lost seven stone and four 

She said: “All I wanted from losing weight was to make my children proud of me.

“I’ve got so much more out of it, not only are my family proud and so supportive of me, I have a confidence I haven’t felt for a long time and now feel I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.”

There are two Slimming World groups in Market Rasen, two in Wragby, and one in North Kelsey.